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    Just found nice reply on other forum
    Dummy battery is easy way but not very safe. If power regulator fail it will burn camera.
    V-mount a bit safer because DC port can receive 12 то 20Volts usualy, and Vmount battery can output only 16.8V max. So Weipu6 to D-tap is good choice )
    Probably single Sony NP-F plate with passive dummy battery is the simplest, safest and less expensive power solution available right now.
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    Thanks. I am thinking the same. NP-F are 7.4 / 7.2 Volt. Same as LP-E6.
    And if you are using F960 / F970 you will get enough juice for maybe 2 hours and more.
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    Not the cheapest option, but I like the Hawk Woods Gripper 100Wh. It just clicks on to 15mm rods and powers the camera for hours. The charger is also significantly smaller than most v-lock chargers.
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