Thread: Faster way to set to 120FPS on BMPCC4K? *software suggestion*

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  1. #1 Faster way to set to 120FPS on BMPCC4K? *software suggestion* 
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    Mild irritation here. I was putting the camera through it's paced yesterday, shooting 24fps at RAW 3:1. Every once in a while I was looking to do 120FPS and had to go into the RECORD screen to change all my settings. I was getting mildly irritated that every time I wanted 120FPS I would have to go into the RECORD SETTINGS, switch to 1920x1080, then change the FPS to 120FPS.

    Changing the crop to 1080P wasn't that bad, but every single time I went back down to High Frame Rate/1080P it would reset to 60FPS instead of staying at 120FPS where I last was. It would be very nice if it remembered your previous HFR instead of having to mess with this every time. Quite an annoyance in the field.
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    Mild suggestion here. Why not just make presets for 24 fps and 120 fps? No effort to create them. Faster to switch between them than changing all settings manually.
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    I still have to learn how to create presets, maybe that suggestion would fix it, but yes, when Braw lands I want to have a fast way to change between 24fps 1/50s Braw 6:1, 60fps 1/100s Braw 12:1, and cropped 120fps 1/200s Braw 12:1.
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    Presets are the answer. That's basically what we have to do on the GH-series, as well, to get at them quickly. (And on the GH-series, you don't have a fast toggle for ANY off-speed, so the P4K is a step-up in convenience for me.)
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