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    I have been editing with resolve 15 for a week now, with h264 and prores files, and wav files. And audio was always working. Now I started a new project again. I did not even drop any clips on the timeline yet but they are in the media pool, just a song (tested mp3 and wav). But when I playback the song in the timeline it is cracky, clipping. In the media pool preview window it sounds perfect, and in the fairlight page as well. I opened a older project, same problem.

    What could I do to solve this? Or is this a resolve 15 bug?

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    As your timeline, video and audio effects, color corrections, and compositing become more processor intensive, playback performance will degrade. The point at which this becomes noticeable depends on your hardware, but there are a number of things you can do to maintain realtime playback and audio fidelity before you start spending more money on hardware (which you might eventually decide to do, depending on your needs). I recommend reading chapter 6 of the DaVinci user manual, "Improving Performance, Proxies, and the Render Cache" which starts on page 150. There's a helpful bit at the end, "Other Project Settings That Improve Performance" on page 164 that might be particularly helpful.

    But for a quick fix, here are a few things you can try:
    -Bypass Color and Fusion. Hit shift-D to toggle this on and off. It's non-destructive.

    -In the playback menu, check "use optimized media if available". This won't do anything unless you generate optimized media. To do that, right-click on a clip in the timeline or media pool and select "generate optimized media"

    -In the timeline viewer, at the top right, click the three dots (...) make sure "show all video frames" is off.
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    OK found out it was a difference between timeline and playback framerates, was unable to fix it. So I started a new project, set everything the same, and then it worked good. Never had this problem with Premiere though, so might be to be looked into.
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