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  1. #1 BBMPCC 4K is not recognized on my Mac Pro ?… 
    We just received our BMPCC 4K to start our first tests ... After trying with several cables, nothing to do the camera is not recognized on my Mac Pro ...
    Would I have forgotten a step on the Mac or on the camera?
    Would anyone have a suggestion?
    Thank you in advance !

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    BM cameras are not natively recognized on Macs as an external device. You need to download the BM Firmware update, adding the new PC4K to the updated utility program, then the camera should be recognized by that software running on your Mac Pro. You can not copy files from the camera’s recording media vis the camera either. You need to use SD or CFast card reader respectfully, to copy your files.

    The FW update is Blackmagic Camera 5.2 Update, available here:
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