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    Hello all. Its been a long time since I've posted but I have a (probably) easy question for you. I'm not a noob with film or color correction, but I am a noob when it comes to DNG Raw.

    I have about 3TB of CDNG Raw footage from a BMPCC I need to mix with a bunch of other stuff that was shot on GoPros and other cameras so I'm using Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Version 12.0.1 (Build 69) since that is what I know and would like to stick with that if possible and I need to match the CDNG to the other footage.

    Where I'm stuck is when I import using the media browser and add the CDNG clip to the timeline the CDNG Raw footage seems to already have a color profile or Lut or something on it as its saturated and looks closer to a REC 709 image than a flat image. When I apply a LUT to the footage whether that be a 709 or LOG one it makes the footage look horrible and it does not even get close to the other footage.

    From what I've read Premiere Pro CC seems to interpret the DNG footage on import to what it thinks its supposed to look like and displays that. I've read you can remove this, but the "right click and edit source clip" seems to be missing in CC2018, and some others suggested there was a 2nd tab when you click the source clip in CC2018 under "master clip" where you can adjust the RAW color balance and exposure, but that seems to be greyed out. The BMPCC presets seem to be missing when starting a new project as well in CC2018?

    So basically what I'm trying to figure out is where I went wrong and how to fix it. How do I get rid of the color profile CC2018 is adding to the DNG footage? How do I utilize LUT's with this footage so I can match the other footage in a mixed timeline. What is the proper workflow for this situation? I'd like to avoid trans-coding it to ProRez422 if possible since I have a lot of footage.

    I would like to add that the footage looks fine in Resolve when its properly setup. Thank you for your help. I can post some frames if needed.
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    Yes. Share some original DNG files. just one and two. And make a screenshot form Resolve and a screenshot in Premiere.
    I have Resolve and Premiere. (I never worked in premiere with raw but I can take a look into it.
    But only Premiere CC 2015. (But CND sharing and screenshots would help to fix that problem
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    I may be getting closer to figuring out what is going on, but here are some screen grabs. I found the master control by starting a new PPcc2018 project and importing and dragging the footage from the preview window and letting it create a new sequence, it chose ARRI Cinema as the timeline setting and that seems to have helped. The other project was DNX1080p. But how do I do this with a mixed footage timeline? Nesting? Does PPcc2018 have a BMPCC preset for sequences?

    Here is a comparison: Top is the DNG in my new PPcc2018 project, bottom is the DNG in the mixed timeline of my original project. Nothing added to either clip.

    And another dumb questions but shooting "video" vs "film" under the "Display" Tab only effects the on camera monitor on the camera and not the DNG Raw file correct? I know its different when shooting Pro Rez.
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    This board looks pretty dead, but anyway .... I fixed the issue by starting a new project and re-importing the footage into the new project. Then I got access to the RAW controls. I think its some glitch with existing projects and trying to import footage into a sequence that was not originally for DNG RAW.
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