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    I'm helping someone who gave me a few clips to edit and put together. She requested that I render it out in DNxHD 444 10 or 12 bit or Prores 4444 at 1080p resolution as her delivery master. She said that she will be grading it herself in her NLE. She was very specific about this requirements and I can definitely do that. She also asked me to apply a primary grade to match shots. No problem, I can do that, to some extend. The clips were shot using various cameras and quality. Some where shot using the BMPCC RAW, others were shot on either a Panny GH4 MP4/H.264 8-bit codec or Sony A7s in SLog, and some stock footage that I think was shot using a C100 in CLog2 8-bit. Long story short, I got them with a primary correction and close to match shots in Resolve. Per her request, I rendered it as QT format with a DNxHD 1080p 444 codec. Everything came out well and she was happy. That got me thinking? How much latitude will she have to grade the delivered file? Is there enough information for her to make grading adjustments? Is there really any advantage in creating a master file using a high bit rate codec from originals that were of lower quality codec to start with?
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    Of course it makes sense to render DNxHD out even when it is crappy h264 recording... when you want
    to grade DNxHD after if. If you are shooting in raw or S-Slog youcan "color correct" (not color grade) files
    and match everything. But keep a flat profile. Or do not saturate to much. And render it out as DNxHd,
    so you can pretty much color grade those files pretty good.

    But if you did not only a color correction but also a color grade, render it out and another
    peson "grade" it in a different way... what makes no sense at all and you will definilty have a hard
    time getting der color temperature right and everyhing else.
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    Yeah, she asked me for a primary grade but I just did some basic correction to match shots and rendered it out as DNxHD.
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