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    The sensor is also slightly wider in the GH5s and Pocket than most mft sensors, so you'll actually get slight corner vignetting even at 18mm with the Ultra, but it's totally usable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seanzzxx View Post
    Andree, I think you're getting this the wrong way around? BECAUSE the Sigma's lens does not cover a FF image circle, it will vignette with the XL. The XL will compress areas not covered by the S35 lens unto the MFT image circle, meaning you get a gigantic vignette.
    OK. My thinking was—based on something I read elsewhere—that even though the Sigma won't cover the front element of the XL, it should cover the back element, and work in a fashion, even though it isn't using all of the XL's potential.

    But you're saying that we need full illumination of the front element in order to not get vignetting? I can get behind that. Should have learned to only post based on own experience and not to pass "information" along. Sorry about that.
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