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    Up for sale is my Sony NP-F solution for my BMMCC which I recently sold. I rarely got through two of these batteries running the BMMCC on a full day's shoot, and often one would last forever.

    I am selling 3 x genuine Sony NP-F970 batteries, a dual Sony NP-F charger I got off amazon, and a Starving Artist NP-F bridge adapter so you can mount the NP-F batteries directly to the LP-E6 battery slot on the back of the BMMCC.

    I am looking for $300 for the set shipped and paypalled within North America. I am based in Vancouver, BC, but often travel to the US and can ship from there as well.

    If interested in singles, I am selling the NP-F970 for $90 each, the NP-F bridge for $20, and the charger for $25. My preference is to sell as a set though of course.

    Links to original items
    NP-F970 -
    Starving Artist NP-F Bridge Adapter -
    NP-F dual charger (not exactly what I bought, but similar) -

    batteries_sony by ericsanpablo, on Flickr
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