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    Weird, I've never seen that, but I'm on a Mac. Better post it in the beta forum to see if anybody else made the same experience.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LochnessDigital View Post
    You're not understanding. If I type a filename (no path, just a name), then choose the destination for that file, Resolve automatically replaces whatever I had typed in the filename field with the path to the file.

    So for me it'll be like:

    Filename: Test
    Destination _______ --> Browse ---> Choose path "desktop"

    Then I'll browse, choose location, click okay, and suddenly it looks like this:

    Filename: C:/Users/Aaron/Desktop/Test
    Destination: C:/Users/Aaron/Desktop/Test

    Which requires me to delete everything in the filename field and retype just "Test", because otherwise it won't render (can't have slashes or colons in a filename).
    This is a known issue on Windows in beta8, and it needs the workaround you mention. It will be fixed in the next software update.
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