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    Everybody knows winter can be nostalgic and magic. As a filmmaker, I've always been a fan of images that convey this array of feelings.

    Yesterday, we experienced the first really hot day of the year in my country. One of the things I love the most is taking something as bright and joyful like a sunny summer day and make it nostalgic. So I took my two minis (the Ursa and my daughter) and went for a walk.

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    Awesome footage... and adorable!
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    Nice music choice too!
    It fits the theme.
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    Thanks for watching guys.

    Dane, i like it how you always notice and comment the use of music. I am also very aware and respectful of how the music can work at an emotional level so I can immediately take the viewer where I want. As filmmakers, we have a huge array of tools at our disposal to "manipulate" feelings, but few are so deep and primal like the use of music or color.

    In this tiny and very simple short video I did, music is conveying a magical but also minimalist feeling, while the color is accentuating that awkwardness by sucking the vivid colors out of a bright and sunny day. I think it challenges our emotion vs reason in a good way. It also accentuates the magic. Almost as if she was living a whole different day than the rest of the world.
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