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    I live in morocco, just bought a Ursa mini pro still new tested it for few hours , everything was working fine, while we were shooting a feature with it for a few days, the camera screen just turned black, the menu still working, i have tried everything, the latest update as well. now I'm stuck without anything
    i have tried to contact the customer service, still no response, the problem is i live in morocco if i send to fix it will take forever to ship it to Europe and back
    please if anyone can help me to fix the problem doing something that i missed, or find a way to get parts that i need to change, or anything that can get me gong, .. i will be grateful.
    thank you
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    If this would help, at first it was dropping frames, then the camera turned off and after trying everything to get it to the camera showed the menu with a bkack screen
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    There is a Reset function in the Menu / Setup. Have you tried that?
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