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    Can anybody recommend some settings in resolve to make tripod shots look a bit like handheld. All settings I have tried look like Im about to crash an airplane. I am looking for something very very subtle. As I usually avoid handheld work because I do shake a lot. But a lot of times I need this kind of handheld feel like it is not on a tripod but not on gymbal/stabilizer either. Something in between, but still looks very professional.

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    The amount of shake youre probably after is usually from a shoulder mounted camera. You can get something subtle with the camera shake effect in resolve, just slow down the frequency.
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    Best I've seen is with expressions in After Effects.
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    i track a shot with a similar lens that i like the movement, and apply the tracking data to the still shot, then edit the track data, smoothing as needed

    that said i'm far more likely to be doing this in DS or Nuke, or Mamba, or or or.. but Fusion should be able to get you there, i've just not had a oppertunity to try it there

    trying this with Resolve's native tools would not be my 843rd choice...
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    Last year I came across an actual PRESET for this. A really good one too. I think he used it on a network TV show. He did it for the same reason have.
    Some well known DP had created it and posted an article about it with the download of his preset. I thought his demo clip in the article looked pretty good.

    I'm almost positive it was for RESOLVE because I don't think I would have downloaded it if it were for any other platform.
    ...and of Video PC is in the shop getting a new motherboard this week so I am of NO USE to you beyond that info.. sorry.
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