Thread: Moving overseas - worth selling my BMPCC's?

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  1. #1 Moving overseas - worth selling my BMPCC's? 
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    Hey yo,

    So I'm moving to London in a couple of months and wondering what part of my kit I should get rid of.

    I currently have:
    • 2x BMPCC's
    • Contineo Cage
    • Panny 12-35 2.8
    • Metabones EF to BMPCC Speed Booster
    • Contax Zeiss 28-85
    • Contax Zeiss 80-200 (needs fixing)
    • Contineo Cage
    • Incase Camera Backpack
    • Some Fieldworld 10" monitor
    • Tascam DR-60D

    I was one of the first 100 people to order the Pocket 4k from CVP, so I think there's a good chance I'll get it before the end of the year (and ideally that would become my primary camera)

    I was thinking of selling off the Panny and swapping it for a Sigma 18-35, but I do like having a light setup. Since I'll probably be travelling a bit, the Panny would probably be a good idea.

    I realise that BMPCC's aren't worth a heck of a lot, but I don't think it's worth taking both over with me. And I love the Contax Zeiss but they are pretty heavy and I only really use them for interviews.

    I don't think I'll be doing any paid film work over there, mostly just shooting personal stuff and probably making little videos to put on Instagram.

    I'm to guess someone has probably been in a similar situation to me, so if you have any advice, please let me know!
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    if your just going there temporarily and not planning to shoot for work then just travel with a travel kit, ie 1 body + pana 12-35 maybe monitor and cage for bright days. sell what you think you wont need if you want for extra cash, probably the second body and cage top on the list though you may get more for in UK based on the pound. its only you that can really decide on what you think you will or wont be shooting. I travel a lot for work light and i find i only use 70% of what I bring. everything else is just precaution. If your moving for good most of the listed gear can always be used on the pocket 4k. My rule of thumb is if I haven't touched the gear for 6months to a yr sell it ha
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    No harm in selling just one BMPCC, to keep on shooting with the other remaining one until the BMPCC4K arrives.
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    Unless you're strapped for cash, hang onto all of it. If you are, then consider selling off the body rather than the glass.
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    I'd hang on to the Zeiss Contax glass, it can only get more expensive and it's full frame, so you can use it with many more cameras.
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