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    Quote Originally Posted by polaroid22 View Post
    I like Cfast because its so compact, has high speeds, only indeed the price is an issue at this point, but thats just one tough pill to swallow.

    Yeah the pocket is rivalling the Terra 4K. Terra 4K is maybe a bit more beefed, but not worth 4K more. For the Mavo I would pay more, but the difference is way too high with my ursa mini pro. Otherwise I would have sold my ump and gone kinefinity mavo. If they should drop their prices I guess they would sell a shitload. Not sure why a company from australia can beat a chinese company pricing wise.
    Because BM also make their products in China :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryanite View Post
    I'm willing to shell out for a well made OLPF that doesn't impact the image negatively, a compact battery system...
    In terms of the battery system, I'm curious to see how the Pocket4k of the Powerbase Edge turns out, I really like the idea of it fitting between tripod & camera, but then also working as a V-mount
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