Thread: BMD Pocket 4K - What's your planned base setup?

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  1. #1 BMD Pocket 4K - What's your planned base setup? 
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    So let me start, at this moment my planned base setup will be as follows:
    • BMD Pocket 4K

    • Metabone SpeedBooster (MFT to EF)

    • Sigma ART 16-35mm f/1.8

    • A few LP-E6 Batteries (Hoping for a battery grip from third party)

    • DJI Ronin S

    • EVF (Hopefully something relatively price for the Pocket 4K)

    • Shotgun Mic

    • Various filters

    Got some of these items already so the savings can go to a new cage design specifically for it.

    What's yours?
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    So far...

    BMD Pocket 4k

    Metabones SpeedBooster XL

    LP-E6 Batteries

    Tokina 28-70 2.6-2.8

    Tiffen Vari ND

    My old trusty Glidecam 2000

    Maybe a set of Contax Zeiss' or Leica R's in the future?
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    Senior Member Frank Glencairn's Avatar
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    One hand gimbal (probably the new DJI)
    Suction mount
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    I'll have to buy some new batteries, don't have any canon style. the lenses and adapters in my current kit should work, no t sure what I would want for a cage yet, hopefully someone will make just a nice little half cage. Port protection is going to be tricky with everything angled.
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    Probably just gonna bring some batteries and a few lenses. Iím basically replacing my E-M1 with the 4KPCC, so Iím not gonna get too fancy with things.

    - 4KPCC
    - (3) LP-E6 batteries
    - USB-C charger
    - Olympus 12-100mm f4
    - Panasonic 20mm f1.7
    - Panasonic 8-18mm f2.8-4
    - SLR Magic VariND
    - (4) Angelbird 256GB CFast cards
    - Anker 10,000 USB powerbank
    - Rode VideoMic Pro
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    Man I hope they somehow allow for same time proxy recording to SD and raw to SSD recording.

    - T5 SSD
    - Rode video micro
    - 12-35
    - Dummy battery DC to powerbank
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    - BMD Pocket 4K (camera is preordered)
    - Viltrox EF-M2
    - Sigma 17-50mm f2.8 (EF Mount)
    - Samyang 85mm f1.4 (EF Mount)
    - my first MFT lens: Hesmay 25mm f1.8 (similar to 7artisans)
    - Rode Video Micro
    - Several LP-E6 Batteries
    - Feelworld F570 Monitor 5.7" for shots where I film myself
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    Keeping it simple since it'll be my b-cam. Batteries, small gimbal, speedbooster, mft 12-35, cards, suction mount.
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    Hulst, Netherlands
    Ronin S
    Metabones speedbooster (nikon F mount)
    Sigma 18-35
    Hoya ProND filters (82mm)
    Hoya IRcut (82mm)
    Rode Videomic mini.

    So basically same setup as my bmcc only now I'm able to add a small mic on top and can use a smaller gimbal
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    - BMD Pocket 4K (camera is preordered)
    - Viltrox EF-M2 or Speedbooster Xl
    - Sigma 17-70mm (EF Mount)
    - Rokinon Cine DS 24, 35, 50, 85 (EF Mount)
    - Rail System assembled from various parts (I've been using it for years)
    - Ikan PD Movie Live 2
    - Several LP-E6 Batteries
    - Ikan VH8 (for now)
    - SWX Powerbase battery
    - SSD recording (exact model TBD)
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