Thread: BMD Pocket 4K - What's your planned base setup?

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    The Veydras are great little cine prime lenses, easily focused, quick to change between lenses. I am going PL lens route, so selling the like new set.
    I have a set of Veydra Primes, 12mm through 35mm MFT Mount, if anyone is interested, see my add in the For Sale/WTB thread, or send a PM.
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    If it proves to be a practical route, i'll stick to native glass:

    1) Minimalistic Cage; or at least Rod System
    2) Sony CLM-V55 for start, upgrading to a proper VF later
    3) Olympus 12-40/2.8 + some Canon FD primes + Macro
    4) if audio amps suck again: TASCAM DR-60D
    5) compact V-Mount Battery solution (like Hawk-Woods Mini V-Lok or Bebob Vmicro) to power everything at once
    6) SD Cards for "easy" jobs, SSD @ USB-C for "heavy" ones
    7) Zacuto Z-Focus
    8) Clip On Mattebox + IRND Filter Set; or maybe a variable solution
    9) Tripod + classic shoulder mount
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