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    Osee Americas has been closed in a restructure of the company. Osee is alive and thriving with the online store, and full support is provided via emai at:

    Thomas, I have asked them to look for your email and provide the usual above and beyond service OSEE is known for.

    In the meantime, I encourage anyone to visit the web site and see the totally new with fantastic features and terrific pricing products for 2018.
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    Thanks Thom, overall though I'm pretty disappointed by this move. I did get in contact with someone via support, and they did accept the monitor back to fix, but now they want $180 to ship the monitor back to me from China.

    One of the reasons I chose OSEE was the fact that I could get local customer service, should something go wrong. It's also why I was recommending other people buy from this company as well. Thom, your level of care and customer service was great, but what I've gotten from China has been more cold and indifferent, and quite frankly, it's really soured me on the company. Had I known that my monitor, which was still under warranty was gonna cost me $180 to get back, I would have said heck with the warranty, and just taken it somewhere local, where I probably could have had it repaired much cheaper.
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    In my experience if you buy monitors, either get something really cheap and be aware that you'll try to repair on your own (I had success with one that just had a bad soldering point, looking very similar to the OSEE) or throw them into the garbage. Or get an established brand for a price. Both QC and support are not for free.
    Living in SE-Asia, I know what I'm talking about: even if you buy a cellphone here, better check all functions right at the dealer. Warranty? Forget it. Restocking? WTF is that? OTOH, that same phone costs a lot more in Europe and soon even more than that in the US…
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