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Thanks Samual, confirms what I sort of already knew. Still curious about the status on big movies if anyone knows. I've been rally looking and the SAG logo is almost never there. iATSE always, sometimes Teamsters. They have all the big stars, I thought that was the leverage. I wonder if this is the reason behind SAG-indie, even though the ultra low rates look good, the small print makes your movie un releasable.

btw the low budget contracts, and even multimedia only apply to US shoots, and only in the home base of the actor you want, if they travel it is full rate plus travel days plus paid days off plus per dium plus union dues plus payroll company +++. Even though I'm sure that there are many who would be happy for the work with some of those extras lopped off.
I can help answer your questions regarding SAG, as we're doing that for our next IMAX picture with a-list. I'm just not sure what you're question is? Could you rephrase, please?