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    I've had an account here for years but rarely post, so I thought I'd post a handful of things I shot with with Pocket and my first short with my newly-acquired Micro.

    BMPCC + Rokinon 10mm, 16mm, 35mm Lenses:

    Bill's Wild Dream (2016)

    BMPCC + Canon TV-16 25mm 1.4:

    The Lonely Astronaut (2018)

    BMPCC + Canon TV-16 25mm 1.4:

    Saturday (2018)

    BMMCC + Cosmicar 12.5mm 1.9:

    Catch Hold (2018)
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    Just watched Bill’s Wild Dream, nice S16mm look and storytelling! What lighting setup did you use?
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    Yeah man, Bill's Wild Dream REALLY had a great 16mm film look to it. The Black & White didn't follow though, as it looked very modern digital. But I've found that getting convincing B&W can be difficult.

    The Lonely Astronaut had a much better B&W film look to it.

    Saturday also had a convincing 16mm film look to it. I liked that one as well.

    Catch Hold didn't seem to hit the same mark as the others visually.

    Great job recreating a 16mm film look.
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