Zeiss ZF lenses are an excellent way to get a good Cine prime set for a little cash. The smaller front filter ring size makes them fairly compact and work,equally on a Ursa Mini or Micro camers, excellent with a Speed Booster. They should,pair well with the new BM Pocket Camera 4K

Duclos does an excellent Cine Mod, currently available at a discount, and I had my 28mm done. Theses lenses are an excellent alternative to use in MFT and S35 Cine formats. They are lighter than the CP2s and are optically identical. Once you add a Cine FF gear and deck iris (not necessary if you use them with a Speed Booster) they make excellent barging Cine lenses.

If you are interested, I have a Zeiss ZF lens set for sale, 28mm (Duclos Mod), 35mm and 50mm. See For Sale/Want to Buy thread.