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    I see Loawa ( Venus Optics ) will be putting out their line up in cinema housings . longer focus throw , PL mount (I think ) etc

    I contacted them some months ago asking if they could do the 12mm zero D in PL mount. At the time they said they don't do that mount.

    In Zero D they now have :-

    12mm Zero D ( Full Frame )

    9mm Zero D ( APSC )

    apology's in advance if someone has already posted this news here's a link
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    oopps ... spelt it wrong , always do that with LAOWA , .... you know what I mean
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    Just looking at the photography lens from NAB, that looked liked the 7artisans lens (see the BMCUSER thread here - I wonder if this is one if those different brand named labeled. The 7artisans 7.5mm MFT is $169 on B&H and de-clicked so it could be housed with a cinema lens housing. -

    I wonder if 7artisans does have cinema housed lens as well. They would be cheaper.
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    Interesting lens, artisans7 are so cheap it's worth it for the fun alone, 180 degrees is outrageous

    the 7.5 Zero D is rectilinear & will be coming out in cinema housing as is the their 15mm I believe. The 7.5 is 110 degrees. I think it flares ( not in a good way ) when facing the sun or thereabouts. something to consider.

    here's some thoughts on the 7.5mm
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    So I've heard back from Venus Optics to confirm the following

    12mm cine-mod ( will be available in PL mount )

    7.5mm cine-mod T2.1 MFT mount

    9mm cine-mod T2.9

    15mm cine-mod T2.1

    All will be available in late 2018 all are rectilinear I'll see if I can get prices further along
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