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    Hi all,

    I've only been using Resolve 14 and I was thinking about trying out 15 on a small project before my next big one but I was wondering what the best method to upgrade was. I don't mind filling in the form on the website but I've already done it once and I don't really want to have to do it again once it's out of Beta (anyone know how long it usually is between Beta and Final release?). I've not been able to find a 'Check for updates' button anywhere but I suppose I'm most worried about having to redo customisations like keyboard mapping if it's a fresh install.

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    You can skip the form on the bottom. And just download it and whe installing it says it needs to upgrade.
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    Whenever I upgrade resolve I uninstall the previous and install the new one and it retains my license and other settings as well. As for downloading it, you can skip the form if you are using Studio. If it is the free version you will have to fill out the form.
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    from the BMD forum, Jean Claude writes;
    If I have advice to communicate with the Beta 15 (it's a beta 1 => OK):
    -make the maximum backup (including HDD OS)
    - Export all your projects in .DRP

    Uninstall All that is BlackMAgic
    Delete All that is BlackMagic (directory)

    (windows) Find a utility such as Ccleaner or JV16 PowerTools or use Revo uninstall PRO or (?) and clean all traces (like a clean install (Registry and Directory)) + reboot

    Install Blackmagic_Desktop_Video_10.9.12 + reboot
    Install Davinci Resolve v15B001 + disk database + postgresql (use for audio library)

    and re-import your database and / or your .DPR one by one into the original container
    Origin Disk => Disk
    Origin Disk => PostGreSql (if you know what you are doing)

    i do the backups constantly, i'm running 14.3 and 15 side -by-side so i can get seat time on 15 easly
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