Thread: The philosophy of the camera is, "This is the camera you use to shoot yourself"

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  1. #1 The philosophy of the camera is, "This is the camera you use to shoot yourself" 
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    but also the camera that you can't see yourself while shooting.

    wait. what?
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    I think the way he said it was poorly worded. While there were some misleading points in the marketing mainly this being a good camera for recording yourself with which of course it isn't because it doesn't have continuous auto focus or a big one, it doesn't have a flip screen, so I like you become pretty confused as to why they pushed that as a marketing point.

    What I believe they wanted to say was that this is the camera that you shoot with yourself. Not you shoot yourself with. So a solo shooters camera, the type of person who's almost the entire crew. So they put in a nice big 5 inch monitor (I also believe this is there simply because cooling couldn't allow the body to be any smaller thus they might as well have a 5 inch screen), XLR included and USB-C out to large SSD drives because you wouldn't have anyone to wrangle data.

    My gripe to this philosophy and where they fell shy was in the battery department but hopefully an elegant solution will present itself that's manageable for a solo shooter. I would've personally preferred a smaller 4 inch flip monitor however at the price point and spec sheet it's clear where the corners had to be cut. Off the self components are the cause of poor battery life, thermals and bulkier size but that's how you shave off thousands of dollars for this kind of incredible device.

    I'm very excited to see the sample footage that black magic is working on once it's released but the panasonic GH5 and S currently fit both versions of their marketing moto better but at a high premium.

    For me personally it becomes a factor of how good the image is vs how much does the camera get in the way of me trying to shoot? As a solo shooter that's a big deal. My current micro setup pushes out amazing IQ but at a fiddly cost even when rigged as well as I can without breaking the bank. The pocket fixes a lot of my current issues except battery life and being able to throw a grip onto the GH5S and get 6 hours of recording time is just too appealing to how I like to work. Black magic is making waves and I hope that it ripples through providing benefits to all.

    Hopefully launch goes well and the QC is tight but I fear this is another area that takes a hit with the incredible price tag.
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    With the LOMO power connector, you could rig one of the very small V mount batteries to a rail setup.
    Also with its removable battery door, a dummy battery cables to a small power bank, like the Atomos Power Station which can mount to the bottom of the camera or to a tripod (see
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    Continuous auto focus isn't actually that valuable for self-shooting, and is usually the most aggravating thing to deal with in a camera.

    For arm-length shooting the centre-point AF with finger trigger is a pretty good compromise solution because, well, your arm is pretty much always the same length.

    As far as the reversible screen goes, I don't know if you actually watch many hand-held vlogs, but, uh, framing is a bit of a lesser priority.

    The ideal actual solution to every other situation is an improved Bluetooth app that has any sort of image feed, even if it's only 4fps. Checking self-framing in a flip out monitor from five feet away is, uh, not good. I mean, it's better than completely blind, but that doesn't make it perfect. Being able to check it on your phone and trigger the AF through the app would be, for deliberate shooters, a superior solution over continuous AF and a tiny screen that's barely readable from where you're actually standing.
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