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    I'm curious about taking stills. Is there a way this camera can synch with an external flash?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomas Stacewicz View Post
    You've probably heard about this new polycarbon composite material the production camera is supposedly to be made of. We can only guess, but I suspect that the camera will only be slightly heavier than the original BMPCC.

    But I agree that it looks like a shrinked BMCC, especially when looking from the rear left view.
    It's clearly a lot bigger than a Canon 5D mkIII. It just doesn't have the viewfinder on the top like a DSLR does.
    Just remember when you look at the pictures that that's a FIVE INCH screen back there... PLUS battery compartment and buttons on the left.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben View Post
    Battery life is also my main concern. Factoring in the rather generous claims about the pocket battery times, an hour doesn't sound good.

    The USB expansion port might rescue this - plenty of small, cheap options that could be attached, assuming they will work.
    My bmcc is also going for about an hour on the internal, but that one does not have swappable batts. So Even if its 30min, Im down with it. Perfect for gimbal use as it no longer needs a vmount, like my bmcc does now. Apart from that, the fact that I can still use the vmount on the pocket 2 is awesome and the usb option is just a extra bonus.

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    I'd like to know about upcoming BMPCC4K, if the electronics of EF mount used with an adapter will remain compatible with the camera, so the push autofocus is still possibile. Another question is : what is the price of EF mount adapter? Has anyone used with other Blackmagic cameras? I'm also interested about performance of adaptor instead of M43 Lenses like the Panasonic ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zolac View Post
    That's the thing I'm most curious about is how this new sensor will look. I really like the look of the Fairchild Sensors BMD has been using,
    hopefully they can translate their color science and image processing over to this new sensor and get it too look just as good.
    Curious too. I'm a voodoo child and trust Blackmagic to deliver, can't wait for the first samples.

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    They had so many requests for a Pocket 2, no matter the size or form factor, they would always make this the Pocket successor. Curious to whether they'll continue the Micro Cinema Camera line with these specs.

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    finally, a second selfie record button! The gods have listened. I hope it can be remapped.
    I thought it was damn ugly too for a pocket cam, something Homer Simpson designed to go with his space car. But after watching a few videos I now look at it as a Mini BMCC with the sloped screen and handle. Its not so ugly anymore.

    As mentioned, with the DSLR format, someone's going to release a battery grip for it.

    Cant wait for the micro 2 as just a brain option though. Pre-ordered this in the meantime
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    Micro 2 is certainly coming, and not an after thought. The sensor pod, for lack of a better term, seems to be a unit with the grip and screen wrapped around it. They just need to make a new mid section for media, jacks and buttons, battery plate on back for linear balance. I'm sure the complete camcorder is a much bigger market, better seller, which is why they would bring working prototype to NAB. I doubt that those that want the micro style will have to wait a year after release for it. I would not be surprised if they launch it ready to ship close after this camera is out the door.

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    Has this been posted here before?

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    He says it has a fan in it I have not heard that anywhere else. I hope he is misinformed...

    Quote Originally Posted by gmfb View Post

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