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In our push for auto-focus and auto-exposure... let's all remember that the name of this camera is the 4k Pocket CINEMA Camera. And in CINEMA applications WE MUST be in control of exactly where the focus is. ALWAYS.
So "Auto" functions would be more than likely to NOT work the way we would want them to.

As for the cameras that DO those auto-functions well - they are clearly geared towards different users ans the hardware compromises to go that route are readily apparent.
I think that's a suboptimal argument. If you want to focus on a face, the eyes, or whatever, current tech allows you to be very accurate now. Nobody is forced to use AF with those cameras. Having the option is always a good thing, and never a bad one. The argument that "cinema cameras have always done x" neatly sidesteps the fact that cinema cameras have generally not offered those features because many of them are just now becoming reliable. It's like people claiming black and white is more artistic because old films were in black and white, conventiently not realizing many filmmakers of decades past would have loved to have filmed in color if it had been available or affordable.

We are _extremely_ close to cameras being able to always focus on whatever we want at the tap of a finger or less (focus on THIS particular face - just the eyes), pulling focus (between up to 3 points, not 2) is already available in the GH5, and Fuji's X-H1 now does linear focusing. Within 5 years, everyone will have reached these similar technological features, and the arguments will be more relevant - SHOULD the director/cinematographer have told the camera to focus on x instead of y, or whatever, because of the flow of the story. This tech will enable smaller and smaller teams to capture scenes, which is a good thing in my book. Save more money to properly light a scene, get great audio, feed and pay cast and crew, and create more stories.