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    Good morning everyone!
    I'm pretty new here in this forum and I'm a proud owner of the BMCC 2.5k combined with an Cineroid EVF. In the past, i recorded audio separately and synced it later in post. Because the SDI output of the BMCC transmits time-code, i was wondering if time code gets also transmitted when using a SDI - HDMI converter. I would like to buy the Mixpre-3 from sound-devices, because of the crisp sound, the analog limiter and the time-code auto start/stop function using the HDMI input. If this would be case, syncing audio would be much easier. Thank you for you help
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    Good question.
    I must remember to check back on this post.
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    check out atomos, as to blackmagic itís a big no. the older atomos sony l type battery powered s2h convertors are speced to pass tc through, and are still available from b&h. i havenít checked out the new ones from atomos.
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