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    Quote Originally Posted by bmpcc_bel View Post
    Hi shijan,
    if I order now, will I get the latest version of the LP-E6 connection plate?
    Yes, all battery enclosures now comes with NEW LP-E6 connection plate.

    Quote Originally Posted by bmpcc_bel View Post
    To be sure to understand what I need: the battery only works for the camera and you do not recommend to connect a monitor or EVF on it?
    This is complicated question discussed a lot. As i see some people use it with EVFs/monitors, but some not use. I still can't provide clean scientific answer about how exactly to burn HDMI in one click. So i can only recommend to use separate battery for EVFs/monitors to avoid ground looped connection. My personal guess is that the worst thing for camera is electrostatic discharge spark from your body or clothes.

    Quote Originally Posted by bmpcc_bel View Post
    To recharge the battery, I need to remove the batteries from the battery box or can I recharge by connecting an adapter to the battery box?
    No need to remove battery cells every time. Just plug charger to any DC socket and charge. See this detailed FAQ about how to use Charger There are also all main info and FAQs collected in that thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by bmpcc_bel View Post
    In summary: can you tell me what exactly I need to make it work? battery, LP-E6 plate connection, 4x batteries (I already have), battery charger?
    If you want to connect it directly to camera you need Battery Enclosure (Four DC Cables included in the kit, so no need to purchase separate additional cables), LP-E6 connection plate and Charger to charge it + Shipping by Air Mail $19 (or by UPS $37. UPS is connected directly to Lavky marketplace as a service, and so it don't allow me to adjust invoice, and so due low duty-free EU limits it charge you with a lot of additional fees and taxes). In most cases i recommend use UPS for quick delivery to USA and Australia.
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    All my custom made accessories for BMMCC/BMMSC now available here
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    Thank you so much for all these precisions!
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    I'm looking for the like button. I like it when nice people do good things.
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