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  1. #1 Nikon mount option for UMP. 
    Does anyone have experience using the optional Nikon mount for the UMP?
    Wondering if there are any disadvantages compared to the canon/EF mount?
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    Ok...looks like there are some answers here:
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    I use the Nikon Mount for mine.

    Used with Nikon AF-S, AI, AI-S, and Tamron lenses.

    Two things:

    1. There is a bit of play on the bigger lenses. Its negligible to me, as I use a lens support rig with a matte box. Some users have issues though.

    2. The inner ring on the mount didn't work with my Tamron 15-30 VC lens. (I made a post a month ago in this forum about it). The Tamron VC switch control area made contact with the inner ring on the BlackMagic f mount and I couldn't physically get the lens to seat into the mount.

    I basically took a Dremel to the blackmagic F mount, repainted the piece and it works great now.

    I have no complaints, really. But if I was a run and gun type of shooter that used heavy lenses without a rig and supports, I'd be annoyed at the play between it and the lenses. Again, some users experienced alot of play, others not much if any...depends on the individual piece.
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    Thanks Erik!
    That's just the kind of real-world, hands-on insight I was looking for.
    Can you give me a sense of how long it takes to switch between EF and Nikon mounts?
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