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    I bought an old mackie control surface with old fashioned midi ports. It is connected to the windows PC wit an usb/midi cable.
    In Davinic the control device selected is HUI

    This setup causes Davincie to crash. And that is not my purpose. Any thoughts how to install this MAckie with the computer?

    Mackie midi in - cable midi out
    ------------------------- ------- usb in windows 10 PC
    Mackie midi out - cable midi in

    Mackie Control Universal v 2.1.0

    Operation modus: Mackie CtrL or HUI or Logic ctrl

    When I use HUI and setup the mackie for HUI the control works 2 secs and then davinci crashes.

    What is going wrong?
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    Any Mackie users here with windows system?
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    So far for the Mackie Control, and Davinci for Audio with motorized faders. It crashes as soon as the midi is conected.

    Seems the integration of Fairlight is a bridge too far.
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    Is this a MCU PRO?
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    Hi Peter I am afraid not. It is an older type Mackie Universal. midi in midi out, no usb.
    Do you think that is the problem?

    As soon as I set it up as HUI and connect the midi cable davinci stops at once.

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    Sold the Mackie, back to the novation which works (a bit).
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