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    Nice! I have a helios 28mm that I love but to be honest it's a terrible lens by today's standards. I will look into that option Jon. I'm not into the anamorphic flares but the bokeh shape is more interesting.
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    Not all Helios lens are good. Some are okay. The one that's most revered is the 44-2 58mm. The 37mm and 85mm are good too. Iron Glass in Ukraine sells Helios anamorphic converted lenses. A set of 37 Mir, 58 Helios, and 85mm Jupiter anamorphic EF mount will set you back about $600 which is not bad (
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    Quote Originally Posted by EYu View Post
    The one that's most revered is the 44-2 58mm. The 37mm and 85mm are good too.
    I have had a set of the 37mm (MIR), 58mm(44-2), and 85mm(Jupiter-9) for years specifically for their character, definitely not their clarity.
    They absolutely ooze character, of course that's not what you need for every shoot, but when you do need it, they are a great alternative to a clean prime set.

    I went through a few copies of each lens before I found the 'one' from each focal length and did some cine-modding on them. Luckily, the lenses are cheap, so the whole process of finding good copies and modding them was more fun than anything else.
    Afterwards, I gave away some of the ones I didn't want (inspiring some new soviet lens lust), and I kept a couple extra 44-2's around for anamorphic builds because it's such a characteristic taking lens.
    I'll probably never give up the old soviet set; I actually shoot on them pretty often, in fact, I just shot a music video scene with the 37mm and 58mm at dawn on this very morning.

    In my experience, the Jupiter-9 85mm gets quite warm with age, even with pretty regular UV blasting they seem to nearly all have a very warm glowy character. I actually really love it. It's like instant golden hour and makes for very flattering close ups, but matching the 3 soviet lenses to each other requires more work than my Nikon/Canon/Zeiss primes (which I can match to each-other a lot more easily).
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