Thread: Storage solution when editing 4.6k footage at higher bitrate.

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  1. #1 Storage solution when editing 4.6k footage at higher bitrate. 

    Im recording into an SSD. Sometimes I populate the whole SSD (1TB) with 4.6k 4444 or 422 footage. My iMac has 1tb internal storage. Tranfering to the internal (fast/flash) storage is therefore not a good option. I, therefore, tranfer my files to external USB 3.0 storage. When I edit directly from the external storage (spinning disks) the footage lags in premiere pro. The transfer speed from the external disk is the bottleneck.

    What are my options?
    - SSD external storage? Due to big file size this is an expensive option.
    - Proxy workflow from usb 3.0 storage?
    - 10gb LAN?

    Any other smart solutions people are using?

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    You could try a raid setup over the new thunder bolt 2 or USB-C or what ever it's called. I've only heard of it, I have no idea on price but I think it'd handle the speeds.
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    Yeah.. maybe raid0 on a spinning disk external "project drive" can get me the speed I need. And then buy cheaper external storage solution for long term storage.

    Raid 0 on SSDs would also be fast, but again limiting on space. Exspecially with raid 0.
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