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  1. #1 One Little Remote firmware update for V3 remotes 

    I have finished the V4 firmware and have released it for V3 remotes (4 buttons and a dial). V2 release (3buttons and dial) will be later this week, along with a tutorial video.

    Download and instructions can be found at

    Changes include:

    Adjust frame rates, autofocus and codec,
    acceleration on the focus dial,
    programmable buttons,
    remote now works with latest 1.4 version of One Little Remote mobile app,

    If you want to use your V3 remote with the Ursa Mini Handle, I can email you instructions on how to modify your remote. It requires a stanley knife or scalpel.
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    Thanks Phil, was going to send you an email about this. It’s grand to know you are supporting your older remotes too.
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