Thread: Is overexposing by 2 stops the same as using ISO200 on BMCC/BMPCC?

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    So I get clean blacks without noise (and yeah, that only works with raw)
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    Pocket 4K "Chaplin".
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    How does that only work in raw? If I expose a scene at 200ISO and shoot at 800ISO, does raw really matter?
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    Think of the camera sensor as a roll of film celluloid. It is rated as 800 ISO. Therefore, setting the ISO effectively only affects the camera's metre, histogram and such; which in an under exposed scene, for example, will tell you to adjust upwards by x stops to gain a proper exposure ( assuming we all know how a camera's metre works, exposing for 50% grey ).

    When you are shooting Raw, changing your ISO only affects your metre readings. It will be up to you in post to push up or pull down the exposure by x stops ( a reason why the info on the slate is important ).

    When shooting in ProRes, you are giving up control in post to save space and time. That being said, when you change the ISO, you are also changing what is being directly recorded into the camera. The product when taken into post will be under exposed, if captured @ ISO 200 and changing nothing else. Why? because the natural rating for the camera's sensor is ISO 800.

    That, for example, is why cameras coming out now with dual ISO rating are appealing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Glencairn View Post
    Yeah, basically that's what I do for moody dark shots.
    I set the camera to 200, light till i'm happy, switch back to 800, and shoot.

    Have a look:
    I figure, setting the ISO @ 200 while lighting lets him preview how dark final look will be after post; and metre the lights and such. Then actually shooting @ ISO 800 lets him see everything in frame clearly on the monitor while recording - correct me if I'm wrong please.
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