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  1. #1 Rendering settings for DVD and Blu ray 
    A client needs his film on DVD and Blu ray,

    What are the best rendering settings in Davinci Resolve for this? (Europe, windows platform).

    It is an 20 minute film in and I want to play it in 4K or HD

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    Resolve doesn't author DVD or Blu-ray directly. Which program will you be using for this?
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    I have Nero, but someone adviced TMPgenc authoringworks
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    Then write your film out as DNxHR to avoid compression losses.
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    I used to cheat with anything 20-minutes or less by rendering out of Premiere Pro an Encore ready file "Export to Encore" (DVD and Blu-Ray ready) then doing menu's in Encore and then instead of rendering the file to a Blu-Ray disk, I'd render it to a disk image .ISO file.
    Then you can just use any disk burning software (ImageBurn etc,.) to burn the ISO file to any Double Density DVD+R disk that has a big enough capacity to match your .ISO file.
    These Blu-Ray disks would play normally in all the Blu-Ray players I tried it on.
    The only limitation to this trick is final file size. The limit for Hi-Def is about 20-minutes. But for short stuff and commercials it was a great cheap easy solution.
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