Thread: CFast to SSD connection only working in one slot, why?

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    So I got me a CFast to eSATA adapter, a Startech enclosure (the only one that worked for me) and a USB power cable to my V-mount brick.
    It works very well with the second slot (the one to the rear), I can record up to 30 fps in uncompressed RAW and 60 fps in 3:1 in full size on a Samsung 850 Pro.

    But no luck in the first slot, whatever format I use it stops after 5 seconds 9 frames, even with HDTV in ProRes 422. Anybody seen such behavior? The cable from the adapter is pretty short, only about 30cm.

    And, no I don't yet have a CFast card around to try the slot with that.
    So, I finally got me a Transcend 128 GB CFX650 card and can partially solve the puzzle. The result is encouraging, but not 100% perfect:

    My camera is OK, since the card works flawlessly in both slots
    It records up to 30 fps uncompressed RAW 4.6K
    The eSATA adapter also records up to 30 fps RAW on a Samsung 840EVO SSD, but only in slot 2 (the rear one)
    If I have the card in slot 1 and the adapter in slot 2, I can record in parallel up to 60 fps without a hiccup

    It's a good solution for me, but don't expect to have two adapters running in both slots without testing first.

    BTW, how can I edit the headline?
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