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    Hi everyone, i've been usig a TILTA Cage for my BMPCC and a shoulder mount but its belongs to a friend who is travelling for several months. It was quite useful and i'm looking for something to replace it for the next coming months ; something that would be a bit different from these tools since i will be able to use them again. What could you recommend of a price between 300/400 dollars/euros ? I'm not looking for something very professionnal - i just do amateur stuff and not excellent one - but something quite easy to use and practical.

    Sorry for my bad english and for a question that i supposed it has been asked a lot before. Thank's !
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    Hello Pabbblllo,

    I like this small shoulder accessory:

    It's small, you can customize it as you like and very light and practical to use.

    As for cages, check smallrig. If you look on ebay, you can find some tilta cages for good prices.

    Good luck.
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    If you plan to use a Metabones Speed Booster or PL mount, the Wooden Camera Pocket cage is excellent, especially when combwiht the WC Cable clamp setup. The Spoed Booster (with WC replacement foot) and WC MFT/PL mount both screw to the cage for a very secure setup.
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    I'm a fan of the HFMP from Libec. Combine with the Oben QRA-R2 quick release and the LanParte LANC Start / Stop Controller for Blackmagic Cameras and it's damn near the perfect run & gun Pocket setup.
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