Thread: Ursa Mini - Power via unregulated D-Tap to XLR cable?

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    I wanted to ask if anyone can confirm that it is safe to use an unregulated D-Tap to XLR cable to power the URSA Mini 4.6k from a VMount battery (D-Tap out) into the XLR power input in the back of the camera.

    I found this in the Manual:

    12V+ Power Input
    Use the 4 pin 12-20 Volt DC XLR connector to plug in power from external sources such
    as the supplied power adapter, or portable batteries

    I have read varying statements on the internet where some people say you need a 12v regulated cable and others say its fine to use an unregulated one.

    Hope someone can tell me
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    No, you do not need a regulated power cable. And yes, you can plug the dTap out of a 14VDC camera battery, like a Sony VLock or Anton Bauer Gold Mount, or even A small portable 12-20 VDC battery i to the 4-pin power input on the back of the Ursa. Just be sure the polarity of +/- are correct in both ends of the cable.

    That said, the front 4-pin XLR is a power output only connection to power a monitor Ir EVF.
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