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    Hi all,

    I've been using Resolve for the last month or so and I really am enjoying it. There are still a few things that aren't as good as Premiere but in those instances I can usually make what I need over there and import that into Resolve. However, having moved over to a Windows machine, I now no longer have access to ProRes which is a shame but DNxHR is doing a fine job for now but I have a few things entered into festivals this year that won't accept that as a final file and want either ProRes or H.264 so it has to be converted.

    So far I've been using XMedia Recode since Handbrake doesn't seem to support DNxHR, only HD, which is fine on Windows (MPC and VLC play anything it seems) and when uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo and Google Drive. However, I can't play its h.264 files in QuickTime or when plugged into my BluRay player on the TV.

    Any good solutions?
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    Why don't you use Resolve?

    For me, I sometimes export and uncompressed file from resolve and compress that with media encoder to h264. Works very well.
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    I find its options limiting in that I can't input the bitrate I want for the video. Though, I suppose that could be what 'restrict bitrate' means. I'm used to putting in a target bitrate and letting the software do two passes to get the best quality. I can't seem to find a 2-pass option in Resolve though it may not need it for a reason I'm not aware of. Its AAC also seems to cap out at 192kb/s which is probably fine but I do like to export at 320 or at least 256.

    But the biggest issue is that I get video glitches when using it. Granted, it doesn't happen 100% of the time but pretty close to it and it will be in the same spot of the video so it's not a random encoding issue. It's never present in the DNxHR version or in the h264 versions out of XMedia Recode. Here are examples from the all three films I've been doing in Resolve this month:

    Care h264 dr glitch.jpg
    LR h264 glitch.JPG
    DRh264 Glitch.JPG

    I'm assuming by Media Encoder, you mean the Adobe one? That is something I hadn't actually considered. I always exported direct from Premiere as I found that sometimes the audio would drift if I used Media Encoder for some reason. It wasn't an I issue I ever thought to fix since it worked fine in Premiere anyway. I've not tried it for a few years, though and I've learnt a lot in that time. Maybe I was doing something stupid back then without realising it.
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    In Resolve, are you using the Quicktime wrapper H264? That allows you to set your maximum bitrate. Always get good results out of it using 20Mbps for 1080 exports and 50Mbps for UHD, as per Vimeo’s maximum recommended for uploads. I think that you’re overthinking this as Resolve is very good at what it does.

    I also have a discontinued plug-in that allows you to export Prores out of Premiere on Windows if you want me to send it to you. Most of our clients ask for Prores so we export the appropiate DNX codec from Resolve and transcode to Prores in media encoder (which is the same thing as the Premiere exporter, just allows you to queue things in a different gui).
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    What kind of camera you use? DNxHR files are ridiculously large, as a Sony FS7 user I work with xavx-i which works fine, and no noticable loss of quality.
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    Ah, I've actually been using the MP4 wrapper otherwise it comes out as .mov and I was just trying to avoid the issue of sending it somewhere and having them wanting an MP4 despite being the same stuff inside. As for the ProRes encoder, that's okay. I only have Premiere on my Mac. I recently defected to Windows but I still use my Mac for the odd thing. But thank you for the kind offer.
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    Well, that seemed to work rather well. Thanks for the advice on using Media Encoder. One other thing I should ask, however, is what the best way to convert 25fps to 24fps would be. I tried converting the 25fps DNxHR file to a 24fps ProRes file in Media Encoder and the motion jumps every few seconds. And it appears, despite there being a Frame Rate option in the Deliver page of Resolve, it only gives you the option of whatever your project is in.
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    I experienced some Resolve crashes when trying to convert some mp4 to DNxHR. I don't remember but maybe they were recorded from smartphone Note4 videos. Yes, not pro videos, but anyway that should not happen... I can't convert them at all. Even playing them in the timeline crashed Resolve at some point.
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    Smartphones can have varying frame rates, which is causing problems for many professional NLEs.
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