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    Hi all,

    I've recently made the switch to Resolve 14 (originally on Premiere) and I'm enjoying it so far on my first of a few small projects that I'm using to get used to the new system. However, I've finished the edit of the first project and am now trying to get the audio into my DAW (Logic Pro X) to do the sound.

    In Premiere, I was able to export an XML (or an OMF if the XML played up which wasn't too often) and then import that into Logic. Simple. I tried a similar thing here but it didn't work. The 'Export XML' function didn't import anything into Logic. I tried an AAF and then doing XMLs and AAFs through the Deliver tab. The AAFs would throw up dialog boxes saying it doesn't recognise the XMF files and then nothing would be imported.

    Some of the options (I can't remember which now but, if necessary, I can do them all again and find out) would import some of the audio but not all and it would be out of sync with the reference video.

    I'm entirely inclined to believe that it's something I'm not doing right as I'm still getting used to the program. Any ideas?
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    From my admittedly limited research, I'm pretty sure this isn't possible yet. It's one of the biggest drawbacks of using Resolve as an editor.
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    So, bit of a delay, but I did actually work it out. Or, at least, a way to get from Resolve to Logic. Other DAWs may not be as easy but here's what worked for me. Export the XML as Final Cut 1.3 and then import that. The only thing is that the track assignment seems pretty random and doesn't always correspond with what you've got in Resolve but you get all your files there and synced up correctly which is the main thing.
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