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  1. #1 Music Video shot with BMMCC and vintage Nikon glass 
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    Little by little I'm getting more confident on my shooting with the bmmcc. Purposely shot this piece 95% at night to test the low light capabilities. Must say with few shots with FPN towards the light, I was more then happy with this shoot. Please check out and leave tips.
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    Looks good... I dig the lighting.
    Dory Breaux
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    Just saw this..

    I liked it more than I expected to.
    I think it captures a plenty good night time feel.
    The only things that distracted me were a couple of the night shots had the artist too close to his background and that made the lighting look a little boring. Using grids on your lights or getting the subject farther away from the background helps with that.
    Also a few of the daytime shots looked a little too milky for me and I was feeling that if they matched the contrast of the night shots a little more it would feel smoother. It kinda distracted me from the piece.
    There were a few shots that were out of focus but I'm sure you know all about them. Getting good focus becomes harder when shooting in dark environments.
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