Thread: Matching Panasonic G7 clips and Sony FS7 slog3 problem

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  1. #1 Matching Panasonic G7 clips and Sony FS7 slog3 problem 
    Anyone who combined clips form Panasonic G7 and Sony FS7? It seems the panasonic clips are much more saturated than the clips from Sony. Cinelog3 with the Alexa LUT from Davinci.

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    Have you tried what Juan Malera suggested in his post using color transform? You might want to take the G7 clips and color transform its gama from Rec709 to say SLog and then adjust to match. Then combine with the Sony FS7 clips and adjust to match again.
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    Hu EYu thanks, will try that. Meamwhile I also tried the Hue and saturation curves. Worked well for other clips.
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