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    I'm getting a little frustrated when using my sigma 18-35 on my ursa EF mount. Back with the bmpcc Metabones adapter I was able to accurately read which aperture I was on because of the way the speedbooster was built. However now I'm using a Fotodiox adapter and when I stop up or down it's a clickless transition when stopping up or down. The markings on the adapter are unreliable and I am relying on False Color (which isn't necessarily the worst thing) but I would like to be able to set my aperture at 2.8 and know for certain it's at 2.8.

    1)Is there any adapter that gives you accurate aperture marks when using a Nikon lens on an EF mount?
    2)I'm thinking of selling my nikon sigma 18-35 for and replacing it with a canon sigma 18-35. Besides not having manual control over the aperture ring, what drawbacks (if any) would I experience from switching over from the nikon version to the canon version?
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    Option one: Count the number of clicks. You could look up the f stops it will hit. (For example 2 clicks = 2.8) Option 2: Since I couldn't find a smart adapter for Nikon G to EF sadly I would sell the lens if the Ursa Mini EF is your long term camera. There's nothing worse than slowing down production every time you change a lens. Not to mention the color and depth of field inaccuracies you could run into... This is the reason I only buy Nikon lenses that have manual aperture rings. There's nothing wrong with swapping and upgrading lenses from time to time.
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    If there Ursa EF is your main camera and you won't be using the sigma on any other camera then 100% go with native EF.
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