The Wooden Camera matte box is hands down one of the best matte boxes I've used. Having said that, I can do without it for the time being to make room for some new upgrades. Comes with the universal donut, two filter trays, and top flag. Asking $650 shipped.

I also have a four filter set of 4x5.65 filters. Two Skier IRNDs, 0.6 and 1.2, one Schneider 0.9 ND, and one Cavision Polarizer. For pictures of the individual filters:

For those who don't know, these Skier IRNDs are the best I've used on Blackmagic cameras. With these filters, you can mix and match to get between 2 and 7 stops of IR controlled ND (Except 3 stops). No IR cut needed! Asking $425 shipped.