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  1. #1 Video Assist 4k stopped recognizing SD card? 
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    Received BMVA today and was shooting all day with it using a 64GB SanDisk Extreme Pro I 95mbps. Had zero problems with it, was removing it several times to copy footage to the computer. Mid-day I've noticed that when I insert card it's not getting recognized and I have to eject it and insert again. This issue was getting more prominent as I've progressed through the day, sometimes had to eject-insert it 5-6 times.

    Now it's not being recognized again, neither in slot 1 nor 2.

    Weird thing is it works perfectly on three computes I've tested it on. Any ideas of how to troubleshoot this?

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    The 64GB card is only going to work at the lower ProRes resolutions, and not with 1080p60 FPS and large files, it can not keep up. I use the 128GB cards on the VA HD and Micro Cinema camera. That said theses are UHS1 cards. The newer UHS2 San Disk Extrem Pro SD cards are faster, Nd work better in the VA 4K, which has a UHS2 SD card interface. See BM’s SD card recommendations on their Support Site.
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