Thread: Marantz PMD 706 is now shipping at last. The new ultra low budget recorder of choice?

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  1. #1 Marantz PMD 706 is now shipping at last. The new ultra low budget recorder of choice? 
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    I just got emailed a notification that finally this is in Stock at B&H:

    This might *maybe* just perhaps replace the Tascam DR70D as the best recorder at this price point for film shoots, as they are both priced the same at a teeny bit under US$300.*

    Who is going to be brave an order one first? :-D

    (not me, I already have an F4! But I might start recommending this to people starting out, once I've seen some reviews)

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    A couple of years ago I did a side by side with the PMD 661 and the Zoom H5n or whatever the latest incarnation was at the time and the Marantz was head and shoulders above it. If the preamps are the same it's going to be a solid unit, the only limitation of the nearly 10 year old 661 was that it was only a stereo unit. I think the f4 and f8 are in a totally different league from their earlier counterparts so maybe some new tests are in order, I've never used any of the Tascam units. Marantz seemed to be a little to quiet lately and as I've suspected they are part of a new company/merger so who knows what bits are going into these new boxes.
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    I have a few of their XLR mics and use them side by side with a Rodes ng3 and the senheizser mke and the sound mixer guy was not able to distinguished the sound differences. Marantz made top quality receivers and when had to RMA one of the mics after owning it close to its warranty date, they just sent me a new one within 10 days. I have a Tascam DR60 and have been happy with it. I think the 709 will be nicer than the DR70 and looking to get one in a few weeks.
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