Hi, I need some help anybody with a MacBook Pro with Iris or a New Laptop PC with Iris.

I Wondered how long it takes to Transcode 4K Cinema DNG to an 4K Intermedia Codec with a Intel Iris GPU.

These are my timings with the System I have right now:

1 Min of 4K CinemaDNG to Intermedia :

System 1:
GTX 1080 TI - 6700K CPU
Takes 2Min to Transcode 4KCinemaDNG to Prores on Hackingtosh and about the same to transcode on Windows to DNxHQX

System 2:
Intel HD 515 - m5-6Y57 CPU
Takes 15 minutes on Windows to transcode 4KCinemadng to DNxHQX

My expectations are that with Iris 640 it will take be something in between the Desk Top and my table.