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    Quote Originally Posted by Howie Roll View Post
    Why do you need high DR to represent a low DR scene? Better sensitivity for sure, but high DR in a low DR scene is just wasted data allocation.
    And that too. The Studio Micro camera is only ISO 400 for anything reasonable am I right?
    Although I'm doing live streaming I will also be recording because client want the footage and I also be shooting high DR without the log look.
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    With the cold of winter setting in I took a day to compare the 4.7 and 2.7 camera updates on the Micro Studio. As expected the base ISO of the camera hasn't changed what was 0db is now -12db. I don't think anything above 0 now is very usable without noise reduction especially when shooting 4k, shooting HD the camera is about a stop cleaner. What is nice is that they corrected the WB presets and cooled the image off a little, it was always too warm before, stretched out the blacks giving about a half stop of perceived dynamic range down at the bottom at the cost of a little more noise, and desaturated the color a little. All good choices in my opinion. When working with footage from this camera that's almost the exact same treatment I would give the footage. Curves to stretch the blacks, temp to shift the WB, and desaturate a touch as the colors could get a little fluorescent before the update. Good Stuff!
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