Thread: Has any distributor picked up a feature shot on Blackmagic Cameras yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Loblaw View Post

    After the Ursa Mini release debacle tarnished their reputation I can't blame BM. If not for that I can guarantee that they would have announced several new cameras & gear by now.
    We were starting to get use to the delays but BMD wrong footed us. If I knew the Mini Pro was to be release 12 months after the Mini 4.6k I would have cancelled my order and go for the Mini Pro. BMD must have known many customers would have cancelled.

    TBH the biggest debacle so far is the big URSA sensor upgrade.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Taikonaut View Post
    If I wanted an ENG cam I would look at Sony and every other manufacturers other than Blackmagic.
    BMD found a market in low cost cinema cameras.
    Agree. I won't buy a UM46K PRO as a broadcast or ENG cam. I will get a Sony, Panny, or Canon for that use. I don't need HDR and limited ISO for an ENG cam.

    The indie market is growing fast and the need for affordable quality cinema cameras fall short. I think this is were BMD should look to market. Panasonic and Canon is getting very good at serving the Indie practitioners with their GHx cameras and Canon 5D HDSLR. Now with the sub 10K cinema camera and HDR like the C200 and Panny EVA, these are products that the indies are grabbing hold for. Just ask Norm Kroll and Tom Antos - who largely are in the Indie Cinema space. Norm is even taking on the UM46K Pro on his latest feature. So Blackmagic can really make money hand over fist if they don't disregard this market segment.

    And yes, the big debacle to date for BMD is the 4.6K turret. That's bad stuff hanging on their backs.
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    The Ursa 4K is still,a,very nice camera, especially since you can get one for $2-3K! Used one today for some test chroma key shots, very nice detail, and an easy to pull key, even with minimal lighting.
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