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    I'm currently working on a job where we stream live music gigs from a public venue. We have 5 BM Studio Camera HDs and an ATEM - there is also a Teranex at the end of the chain which is simply used to denoise and sharpen the image. We seem to always end up with very pinky faces on all the cameras, with the cameras set on video mode (REC709 - I believe)

    See attachment:


    We have a simple three point lighting setup, with two ARRI Junior 300w fresnels as fill and back lights and a 650w fresnel for a key light. The cameras are balanced to 3200K (which is the temperature of the bulbs), although there are one or two fairly dim bulbs elsewhere in the building. We balance the cameras with a white balance card, and white seems to be correct using the smart scope 4k.

    I've tried using the camera control system within the ATEM software to remove some of the red, but it doesn't seem to improve the situation, and just makes the image look murky. The guy in the picture was fairly red faced, but no where near as pink as he looks in the still!

    I'm not sure whether we should be using lighting gels, or whether the cameras should be setup differently?? We're used to filming things in film log and then correcting in Resolve. Obviously for live shoots we can't do this, so we're a bit stuck!

    Any help gratefully received
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    Try both, IR filters on the cameras and some cooler (blue)gels on the lights to correct the color balance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Denny Smith View Post
    Try both, IR filters on the cameras and some cooler (blue)girls,to correct the color balance.
    Thanks for the reply. I must admit, I've never really looked into IR filters, would they prevent a pinky hue? I'll do some reading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MontyMoose View Post
    Thanks for the reply. I must admit, I've never really looked into IR filters, would they prevent a pinky hue? I'll do some reading.


    Does anyone have a recomendation for some quality IR filters? Seems to be a huge difference in prices

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    Hmm so we bought 6 Hoya UV & IR Cut filters and attached to all lenses. The results were possibly marginally better, but basically still pink faces
    Any other suggestions? Here's a still with IR CUT filters installed. Maybe I should sack of the Tungsten lighting and to LED?
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    You may find you'll have better results digging into the color corrector functions on the Atem. Try shooting log and bringing it back using the primaries and see if it looks any better than the in camera 709. Another option, as this will only give you primary correction, is to use the Teranex to load a LUT. This will give you access to secondary color correction features not available in the Atem color correction suite.

    Good Luck
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