Thread: looking for simple basic midi faders for davinci

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    Quote Originally Posted by brianbrook View Post
    X-touch working in Fairlight panel with latest Beta, would be really great if BM allowed transport controls etc.. to work on ALL pages but I understand that would limit sales on their Control Surfaces....
    the transport controls on the Advanced surface are abysmaly bad, you are far better of rolling your own with Artist Transport, Contour Shuttle or XKeys 68
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    Have you tried the update to the job knob sensitivity thats in v15?
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    not yet, the system attached to the Advanced panel i use is tied to v12.5 still, i freelance on it, so have zero say in their choices of software

    in 12.5 it feels like i'm driveing the ballistics of a BTS D1 from 1994...

    glad to know there's improvment, one more reason for the facility to update
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    Here's a Bump hoping BM is listening, X-Touch is listed in Configuration guide and the playback controls work BUT only in Fairlight! This would seem to be easy to add to the other pages: media, edit, fusion, color and deliver and would really make a difference to X-Touch users, having playback only work in Fairlight is frustrating!
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